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Who Are We

The Global Yeshiva is an Online Yeshiva and Yeshiva Social Network offering live virtual classrooms, blogs, forums, events and videos, on all Torah subjects. We are devoted to creating a warm and friendly yet serious place for people of all levels to share and discuss Torah and Orthodox Judaism. Rabbis, Torah Educators and Yeshiva students from all over the world have signed up as members and are available to answer your questions and have discussions. You can also post your own Torah on your blog page or join one of our live virtual classrooms to get exciting and valuable feedback.


Our Goals

We are based on the Orthodox traditional yeshiva world view of the Written and Oral Torah. We want to create a quality online "Yeshiva Environment" and are truly dedicated to presenting the best quality Torah offered on the internet today. Everyone can really grow by using the forums as an honest and in-depth search for the truth. Our forums are the perfect tool for on-going in-depth discussions with a wide range of, literally, worldwide opinions.


We do not confirm the validity of all the information posted on our forums and are not responsible for the messages posted. Remember that the posted messages express the views of the author of the message, not necessarily the views of the Global Yeshiva or its employees. We are operating under the assumption that each member needs to take responsibility for his own opinion because he knows that he may be asked for proof and clarification from those more knowledgeable. Experience has shown that when someone posts something that is not in line with the traditional Orthodox view, one of our Orthodox Rabbinical members will point this out. If you have any questions on any post just simply click the reply button and ask. The Torah and advise that you receive from our forums are not considered Orthodox legal judgments. If you need actual religious legal judgments you need to go to your local Orthodox Rabbi.

Are you interested in Orthodox Judaism, the wisdom of the Torah or the search for truth? At the Global Yeshiva you can connect, ask questions and have discussions with, Orthodox Rabbis, Talmudic scholars, Torah educators and those learning in yeshivas across the globe. If you are a Torah educator yourself the Global Yeshiva provides a great opportunity to teach, spread Judaism and do Torah research together with the Global Yeshiva community. Either way, the Global Yeshiva provides you and the greater Jewish community the chance to Learn, Teach, Interact and Grow. Sign up now!

How I Love Your Torah! All day it is my Conversation Psalms 119:97


About the Director

Rabbi Eliyahu Mitterhoff received smicha from HaRav Hagaon Rav M.Goldstein shlita, HaRav Hagaon Ovada Yosif shilta and HaRav Hagaon Rav Yehuda Dari shlita. (even though he is Ashkenazi) He has a long career in teaching both Talmud and Mussar.  Rabbi Mitterhoff envisions the Global Yeshiva as great and unprecedented historic opportunity to share, learn, teach, and spread Torah on a Global level.  He currently lives in Bayit Vegan with his wife and, Baruch HaShem, twelve children.


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